Supported by the multifaceted capabilities and technical, advocacy, and promotional resources of ACPA National, the Florida Chapter and other affiliated chapters provide direct support to local agencies/owners and other customers in states/provinces and regions throughout the United States and Canada.

The Florida Chapter-ACPA is organized under the Florida Concrete & Products Association (FC&PA), which was founded in 1955. The Florida Chapter will represent both the national association and the FCPA in customer-facing matters related to technology transfer, technical service, advocacy and promotion of concrete pavements.

“We are very pleased to welcome the Florida Chapter-ACPA to our technical and promotional network,” said Chuck Niederriter, 2018 Chairman of the ACPA Board of Directors (and Chief Operating Officer/Vice President for Golden Triangle Construction Co., Imperial, Pa. “Florida is vital to the growing use of concrete pavements throughout the United States. We are honored to have this well-established organization as part of the ACPA network, and we strongly believe that the entire network will benefit from this affiliation.

“We are very excited about the partnership and what it means to the State of Florida,” said Matt Sitter, Vice President of FC&PA. Sitter will serve as the senior executive of the Chapter and will lead the organization in its further development of the concrete pavement market, membership development, and technology transfer initiatives. “This provides us an excellent opportunity to deliver education and training, as well as to avail the many strengths and resources of ACPA to the owners, contractors, engineers, and others responsible for the infrastructure in Florida.”

Niederriter also commented on the timing of the announcement.

“Following the Trump Administration’s formal announcement of its infrastructure plan, and in advance of the plans that will be coursing through Congress in the coming months, the timing of this announcement could not be better,” Niederriter said.

“We remain positive regarding the dialogue about the urgent need for infrastructure development at all levels of government and are excited about the possibility of robust programs as there is still much work to be done,” he said, adding, “To meet the critical needs of our nation’s infrastructure, our industry needs a strong national and local chapter network to assist transportation agencies, contractors, and others who work together to deliver high-quality pavement solutions.”

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