A tool for joining polypropylene pipe in tight spaces.

McElroy, which offers the most complete line of thermoplastic pipe fusion equipment in the world, has recently launched the Acrobat 160, a low-force fusion machine for 63mm to 160mm polypropylene pipe.

The Acrobat 160 allows operators to fuse pipe for plumbing, mechanical and geothermal projects and a variety of other indoor applications where work spaces are often very limited. Its small footprint and light weight makes it an easy machine to manipulate when performing fusions overhead as well on the ground within crawl spaces, attics and other confines.

“The unique installation challenges that commercial buildings present was a perfect fit for us because of McElroy’s extensive background in product innovation,” said Chip McElroy, president and CEO of McElroy. “We are excited to offer jobsite solutions in this market with the Acrobat 160 and our entire line of polypropylene tools and accessories.”

The Acrobat 160 can be configured from 4 jaws to 3 jaws without using tools for added flexibility in tight spaces. Its narrow jaws allow fusions for flanges to outlet branches of tees and most fittings.

The Acrobat 160 comes with a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and inserts for commonly butt-fused polypropylene pipe sizes. The facer and heater can be loaded from the top or bottom (in the 3-jaw configuration) of the carriage giving the operator better access and flexibility regardless of the joining challenge.

The Acrobat 160 is compatible with the DataLogger, a quality assurance tool that allows operators to record and document the key parameters of the pipe fusion process to ensure the integrity of fusion joints and increase jobsite accountability.

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