HILLIARD, Ohio – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) has acquired Inlet & Pipe Protection, Inc., manufacturer of FLEXSTORM storm water inlet filters. The announcement was made today by both companies. The products will now be marketed under the ADS FLEXSTORM brand.

ADS FLEXSTORM Inlet Filters provide a technological advantage to trap debris. The ADS FLEXSTORM adjustable design allows it to fit any drainage structure and provide maximum protection while being easy to install and economical.

“Since 2009, FLEXSTORM products have been part of the ADS catalog," stated Ron Vitarelli, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of ADS, "and now we will increase production and distribution to meet the escalating demand for the inlet filters. Each ADS FLEXSTORM unit filters silt, solids and other pollutants to help our environment and assist communities in meeting the EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Storm Water Rule.”

Jamie Ringenbach, President of the Naperville, IL based Inlet & Pipe Protection agreed. “FLEXSTORM filters enable state DOTs and municipalities across the country to comply with mandates set forth by the EPA to find universally accepted structural best management practices (BMP) to address the issue of storm water inlet protection. And engineers are specifying the use of the below grate system more and more because they find it prevents hazardous inlet ponding, road icing and jobsite erosion.”

"Prior to our 2009 agreement with ADS, our distribution was focused on the Midwest. Because of the distribution strength of the ADS network, during the past several years we have been supplying more of the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are very pleased that joining ADS will provide the wherewithal to increase manufacturing to meet that growing need."

According to Jim Clemans, Vice President of Allied Products, ADS, "The ADS FLEXSTORM filter with its configurable, adjustable filter frame suspension provides a low-maintenance and highly-effective solution that complements the ADS line of products. The units are produced for either temporary or permanent inlet protection and are now available for all frame and grate castings and precast structures. The FLEXSTORM inlet filter is made up of a rigid galvanized or stainless steel frame that supports a variety of filter bags designed to remove storm water pollution from construction sites, parking lots, factory drains, gas stations, or any other inlet that potentially drains to a river, lake or stream. The units reduce costs, especially on DOT projects, because they’re very easy to install and maintain, and the entire filter system can be taken to the next job site and reused.”

"In 2011, an online software program was developed that helps select the proper components and design an inlet filter unit for a storm water drainage system," Clemans continued. "The step-by-step ADS FLEXSTORM Product Configurator is available free of charge at www.inletfilters.com and enables a filter to be configured based on drainage structure type and filtration needs. A resources section contains product details, engineering drawings, specifications, educational videos plus operation and maintenance plans. We plan to continue this type of customer-support initiative."