Temporary roadways, walkways, and parking areas capable of supporting 120 tons keep crews and equipment from getting mired in the mud.

In anticipation of the busy spring season when arborists, contractors, delivery vehicles, and events planners face the challenge of working on soft ground, DICA Outrigger Pads announces in-stock availability of their four best selling AlturnaMATS models.

AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats virtually eliminate the chance of equipment becoming stuck or causing rut damage. Contractors experience increased productivity and face fewer necessary ground repairs at the conclusion of the job, while event planners can provide improved parking and pedestrian walkways for guests.

Black AlturnaMATS in 4’x 8’ and 3’x 8’ sizes are available for immediate shipment. The standard configuration features a tough diamond plate tread design on both sides. A one-sided traction option (S1) is also available and is ideal for crews wanting to prevent traction imprints or slide the mats easily on and off one another for storage. Mats with Traction on Both Sides
• AM48
• AM38

Mats with Traction on one Side • AM 48-S1
• AM 38-S1

Constructed of 0.5? thick, engineered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, AlturnaMATS provide a cost-effective replacement for plywood. AlturnaMATS easily support up to 120 tons and can be linked together to build temporary roadways, walkways, work platforms or parking areas. Low total cost of ownership and a limited lifetime warranty, make AlturnaMATS a must-have tool in environments where ground protection is needed.

DICA Outrigger Pads.

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