Aluminum break-away sign posts
Aluminum break-away sign posts

The aluminum SignMAST pole design is offered either individually or combined with a single or multi-leg base that can easily support any number of signs and sizes that are secured to the mast pole.

It can also accommodate any height needed with any of the 4 sizes offered. In addition, the anti-climb structure lends itself to placement in urban areas without fear of being easily traversed or damaged by graffiti. SignMAST aluminum sign support masts and poles offer a viable alternative to the traditional steel poles that gen- erally need to be protected by safety barriers to minimize vehicle damage and passenger injuries due to accidents. Eliminating the need for safety barriers to signs that are nestled on roadways, offer significant cost savings to the price of the sign post assembly.

If damage occurs to the sign mast due to impact, damaged poles can be cut and remounted using the original base assembly plate. This also reduces the costs of reconstruction of a new sign post and base.

• Exceeds 120-year service Life
• Aluminum provides resistance to atmospheric erosion and natural regenerating oxide surface exterior
• Reduction in maintenance costs
• Eliminates the need for special breakaway bases
• Alternative to traditional structural steel poles
• Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly

• Scalable sign attachment bracket clips
• Lightweight, easily deployable
• Single and multi-leg supports
• Anti-climb design
• Offered in (4) mast or post sizes
• Supports multiple signs and heights
• 3 inch “Quick Clip” easily mounts signs & equipment without the need for strapping and large brackets


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