This series was designed for the heaviest of cleaning jobs, it’s perfect for paint preparation, professional cleaning services, graffiti removal, commercial job sites and fleet maintenance.

The Aluminum WaterBlaster series are:
· Cold water gas powered belt drive
· Rated from 3200 PSI @ 3.0 GPM up to 4400 PSI @ 4.0 GPM
· Powered by HONDA or SIMPSON engines
· AAA or CAT triplex plunger pump with adjustable unloader
· PowerBoost Technology to provide high pressure at the nozzle (available on AAA pumps)
· Thermal Relief Valve
· Detergent injection system

The aluminum frame is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum with a design that is lighter in weight than a similar steel design. The dual belt drive system prevents over-heating, absorbs vibration and reduces pump fatigue resulting in long life.

SIMPSON an FNA Group Brand

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