Pothole patching

Perma-Patch blends pressure-sensitive plastics, chemicals, modified asphalt, and aggregate in a patching material that can be used in temperatures from -10° to 100° F. It forms a water-tight seal with the pavement and resists shrinking. To install, crews take the material directly from the bag and apply it to the affected area (water and small debris does not need to be removed), then compact it. The site can be opened to traffic immediately. Perma-Patch, Booth 2035. www.permapatch.com.

Two-post lift

The TP-20 is an aboveground model with a capacity of 20,000 pounds. The lift has telescoping swing arms, slider, and adjustable-height overhead hydraulic lines. Safety features include all-position mechanical safety locks, electric and hydraulic synchronization, pressure-compensated flow control, and velocity fuse valving. Mohawk Lifts, Booth 2620. www.mohawklifts.com.

Large-diameter pipe

The company has added 110-inch-diameter pipe to its line of centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced polymer mortar products. The pipe is highly resistant to corrosion and is designed to last more than 100 years. Leak-free, push-together joints reduce installation time and cost for a range of pressure and gravity applications, including sewers, potable water, and other corrosive environments. HOBAS Pipe USA, Booth 2726. www.hobaspipe.com.

Sewer grease liquefier

The Jet Power II liquefies grease upon contact. Offering easy self-application with standard jet trucks, the product washes liquid grease downstream and will not allow the material to recoagulate. Treated pipes are left virtually grease-free, extending the time between service calls. The material is non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-acidic, and non-caustic. Injector systems are available. Duke's Root Control Inc., Booth 1113. www.dukes.com.

Classic lighting fixture

The classically styled Shorewood lantern—with a rounded dome, curved base, and vintage detailing—can be wall- or pole-mounted. Both the arm and housing are made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum, making the unit suitable for use in severe climates. It features an integral, self-contained ballast compartment with quick-disconnect capability. The electrical module can be unplugged and replaced in seconds during routine service. Sun Valley Lighting, Booth 3039. www.sunvalleylighting.com.

Comfortable hard hat

The company's Classic hard hat now offers greater comfort and fit. Enhancements include a suspension with easy-lock snaps; upgraded ratchet design for easy grip and height adjustment; and a wider, longer replaceable brow pad. The hard hats and caps come in a broad range of colors, with several available accessories. E.D. Bullard Co., Booth 1933. www.bullard.com.

Outfall netting

Net Tech can be fitted to stormwater outfalls to retain trash and debris. By installing in specific areas designated as hotspots, the device eliminates the need for large structural treatments downstream. The structures are made of stainless steel, with UV-resistant nylon nets and vinyl-coated, braided stainless-steel cable for tethering. Models with debris retention capacity from 2 to 85 cubic feet are available. KriStar Enterprises Inc., Booth 2134. www.kristar.com.

Truck-mounted coring

The Traversacore mounts to the company's MD-100 coring truck body. It allows the core drill to extend as far as 28 inches from the deck and travel from the curb to more than halfway across the vehicle's width. The feature lets the operator core 11 feet behind the truck without having to move the vehicle. Three hydraulic stabilizers adjust to ensure solid, accurate coring. Utilicor Technologies Inc., Booth 2247. www.utilicor.ca.

Adjustable-deck mower

The PowerFold and electric height adjustment features—available on the 33 and 34 Series front-mount decks—combines easy adjustment with simple deck lifting. The design allows single-switch control of cutting height and deck lift, giving operators the ability to select cutting heights of 1 to 4½ inches. Also, the unit creates a shorter overall length for ease of transport and storage. The Grasshopper Co., Booth 3409. www.grasshoppermower.com.

Portable wash station

The Typhoon station makes it easy to clean site equipment quickly, efficiently, and affordably in order to comply with environmental standards. The product works automatically—to use, pull the trigger and wash. The pressure-washer gun, attached to an overhead boom, gives easy 360-degree access. The built-in access ramp closes automatically, keeping overspray on the rack and off the ground. Riveer Co., Booth 2804. www.riveer.com.

Trailer-mounted sewer jetter

The 7040-SC is a tandem-axle unit with a 65-hp diesel engine. Features include a water pump rated at 40 gallons per minute at 2000 psi, 700-gallon water tank, catwalk fenders, and a 190-degree pivot/swivel hose reel (with 400 feet of ¾-inch-diameter thermoplastic sewer hose). Options include a larger 85-hp engine, digital control with remote capability, and up to 750 feet of hose on the reel. O'Brien Mfg., a product of Hi-Vac Corp., Booth 1621. www.obrienmfg.com.

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