Flame-retardant and inexpensive to maintain, Infill Bionic Fiber offers good traction and constant elasticity.

Using nature as its guide, Melos GmbH (Melos) has created the Infill Bionic Fiber by combining the advantages of the design of natural materials with the reliable durability of a proven EPDM infill granulate. The result is a soft, flexible surface and natural appearance, which promotes the adhesion of water and enhances its natural sliding behavior. Melos Infill Bionic Fiber is built to withstand wear and tear, intensive mechanical pressures, and high stress caused by sunlight and fluctuating weather conditions. This eco-friendly product is also flame-retardant and inexpensive to maintain.

"We at Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) are very proud to be able to offer this virgin material as an alternative for Infill systems," says Gary Wilson, Sales Director for APT. "Infill Bionic Fiber's innovative technology allows us to introduce lighter colors into the turf system, reducing temperature on the field significantly.

Designed with the safety of athletes in mind, this Infill offers good traction and constant elasticity. Further, the use of Infill for filling artificial turf pitches is recommended by sports associations and medical experts so as to protect the skin and joints. Infill Bionic Fiber also provides sports functionality that endures for the entire life of the pitch, while its virgin material facilitates natural competitive play and tackling similar to natural turf. Ultimately, Infill Bionic Fiber creates a high performance product that guarantees maximum durability.

Advanced Polymer Technology

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