Autobahn series luminaires
Autobahn series luminaires

The ATBL is the newest addition to the next generation Autobahn series of roadway products, joining the ATBS and ATBM models in this state-of-the-art family of luminaires. Built on breakthrough LEDs and precision-engineered glass optics, the ATBL provides exceptional illumination while saving energy, and reducing maintenance costs. It also works seamlessly with advanced Acuity Controls capabilities which allow for maximized energy savings and enhanced monitoring and reporting functions.

60% more energy efficient than comparable HID luminaires

Long life and reduced maintenance make it the ultimate sustainable solution for renovating legacy roadway lighting

Leading-edge optics and white light improve visibility on roadways

Sleek, attractive day form with weight and EPA less than comparable 250 – 400 watt cobraheads, ensure no issues with retrofitting to existing poles & arms

Improved fixture efficacy reduces energy usage vs competitive LED fixtures

A complete line of Acuity Controls allow for more energy reduction, monitoring, and control

Municipalities & DOT’s: Energy efficiency and holistic longevity make it the ultimate sustainable solution for renovating legacy streetlights.

Utilities: Lineman-friendly features make it easy to install and its long, reliable operating life reduces the hassle of lighting grid maintenance.

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