The Blackwater Level Sensor 7014 features a technology break-thru that uses a simple probe and no moving parts to provide accurate solid waste level measurement. This design eliminates the problem of solid waste build up on sensors that cause frozen output. With no moving parts or floats, there is nothing to wear or freeze for maintenance-free performance.

The 7014 probe's FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene) surface acts as the sensing surface. Using Gill's proprietary capacitive technology, the sensor can differentiate between solid waste coming into contact with the probe's exterior surface versus air (unfilled space at the top of the tank). The difference between the two is used to calculate true level for accuracy. The sensing surface is equally effective at angled measurement where conventional access is not possible. The sensor's wetted FEP probe is immune to not only solid waste, but also common detergents, paper products, odor masks and other aggressive cleaning chemical combinations commonly found in the waste stream.

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