Bulk-Out Bag Discharger
Bulk-Out Bag Discharger

This equipment makes working with chemicals much safer and less messy for water treatment plant operators.

These heavy-duty frames come in two configurations: one for use with a forklift and one without. Both suspend heavy, unwieldy bags of dry material for feeding into a screw or pneumatic conveyor.

A bag/hopper interface consisting of a manual clamp ring and pneumatically actuated telescoping tube enables treatment plant operators to quickly connect the bag spout and hopper. The tube raises the clamp ring assembly that seals the clean side of the bag spout to the clean side of the telescoping tube, then lowers until the bag spout is pulled taut. Once the spout’s untied, the telescoping assembly exerts continual downward tension on the spout, elongating the bag as it empties.

Unlike opposing bars that pinch the spout from two sides, a pneumatically actuated flow control valve cinches the spout concentrically on a horizontal axis for easy tie-offs and vertically in a zigzag pattern to prevent leakage. Negative pressure within the system collapses empty bags so they don’t have to be manually flattened. Activators shake material out as the bag lightens, and in addition to completely emptying the bag, these design features eliminate dust while untying, discharging, retying, collapsing, and removing bags.

Flexicon Corporation

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