The CR552 paver heavy-duty hopper construction supports hopper capacities up to 27 tons, allowing for extended paving intervals between truck exchanges while offering paving capacities in excess of 800 TPH.

A new operator’s platform design offers improved line of sight to the paver’s sides, both seats pivot beyond the side of the paver for direct visibility to the tires, while the revamped operator’s console also pivots to line up with the operator’s seat. The generator powering electric screeds is now moved away from the screed area, lowering sound levels to the screed operator’s ears to further improve comfort.

The new 260 hp Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engine delivers the power to efficiently handle full-width paving applications, while offering ample power in reserve to operate electric screeds and lights for night paving. Cooling air for the engine is drawn from above the hood, rather than at ground level, for cleaner air quality and exits primarily through the front grill, resulting in a pressurized engine compartment that reduces debris infiltration.

The paver delivers the power, torque and traction to handle full-width paving applications reaching 30-ft wide at depths reaching 12 in. The hydraulically extendible Stretch 20 screed offers variable paving widths from 10-20 ft to meet a wide range of commercial and mainline applications. Stretch 20’s industry-exclusive screed assist system eliminates screed settling during stop-and-go paving to improve mat smoothness.

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