The City of Scottsburg, Ind., has replaced chlorine disinfection with ultraviolet disinfection.

The City of Scottsburg, Indiana recently improved their wastewater disinfection facility, and elected to replace a chlorine feed system with a closed vessel ETS-UV system by Neptune Benson. The UV system is now commissioned and disinfecting the wastewater seasonally. The units have a 14 inch inlet and the control panels feature the ETS Touch membrane.

Talking about his experiences with the Neptune Benson system, Jason Combs from the Scottsburg facility stated: “We have been impressed with the ease of use of the closed vessel UV system. The automatic wipers keep the quartz sleeves clean without constant manual cleaning, and overall the installation is cleaner and much more compact. The units are installed in a building with climate control making it easy to service during routine maintenance. Our guys can service the unit or change lamps in matter of minutes, keeping our employees safe and out of the weather. Water level control issues have been designed out, and we appreciate the improved safety that these modern systems provide to the plant staff”.

Commenting on Scottsburg’s experiences, Jon McClean, President of ETS-UV by Neptune Benson commented “This is a growing trend. We see wastewater operators keen to automate their plants and less willing to use equipment that requires a lot of man-machine intervention” Ken Rodi, CEO of Neptune Benson added “it is pleasing to see these successful installations and operators identifying value in the Neptune Benson innovations”

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