It is now possible to capture and display external device sensor or network data into messages on All Traffic Solutions’ variable message signs. In addition to the vehicle speed data from a built in sensor, the information can now include digital inputs, analog inputs or serial strings.

With these inputs available, the signs can display such items as Time-to-Destination, road surface or air temperatures. Timer values, vehicle weights, high winds, available parking spaces and other information from a variety of device sensors. The flexible input capability of the system, combined with the simple messaging user interface makes this functionality very useful to a variety of customers.

The data can be incorporated in any position within a message on the variable message sign, and a rules engine can display a specific message based upon the input value. There can be up to five different messages based upon sensor data values. The user simply sets up threshold value ranges that determine the message to display.

Some of the benefits include: • Provides real-time awareness of various environmental conditions
• Current All Traffic Solutions message sign customers can extend their messaging capabilities.
• This feature offers a new way to interface along with various applications to external equipment that uses sensors.

By integrating cloud technology into all of our products it allows customers to manage all their equipment and data remotely, through a browser.

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