The 17 municipalities that comprise New York State's 412-square-mile Chemung County have helped each other out for years. Six of those jurisdictions formalized their relationship with each other and the county in January 2011 by signing the Consolidated Urban Highway Service Area shared services agreement.

As a result, says Public Works Superintendent Jean Cazorla, the Village of Elmira Heights is in a “serious sharing program."

As part of the agreement, a subcommittee of highway superintendents meets regularly to evaluate opportunities for joint ventures that lower delivery costs while maintaining services.

Roadwork isn't the only thing the various entities share:

  • The county shares information technology, purchasing, 911 services, and a public works director with its county seat.
  • A village and town share a highway superintendent.
  • Virtually all the municipalities share equipment.

These documents explain the program's purpose and goals. They include the agreement, names of participating municipalities, and meeting minutes.