The Pre-Wet System activates the de-icing material to melt through snow and ice faster at low temperatures. It also reduces material bounce for improved material placement and efficiency. Equipped with a 60-gallon tank capacity, the Pre-Wet System is available as an accessory on all new VBX and FORGE spreaders.

Features & Benefits

  • Equipped with efficient spreading controls allowing the operator to adjust the flow rate proportional to the feed rate of the dry material for the optimal ratio of brine to dry material.
  • Equipped with a 60-gallon tank capacity.
  • Features a clear tank allowing for ease of visibility of the liquid level.
  • Designed for optimal weight distribution, mounting the tank near the cab of the vehicle.
  • Features a dump hose allowing for ease of use when emptying the brine following use.
  • Includes stainless -steel straps to secure the system to the spreader by utilizing the frame rails.

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