DES MOINES, Iowa (March 5, 2013) – Des Moines Water Works is pleased to announce a low-cost water service line coverage program now available through HomeServe USA (HomeServe). This optional coverage offers protection for water service line breaks for single-family residents in the City of Des Moines and Des Moines Water Works’ total service areas.

“Many customers don’t realize the entire exterior water service line that connects your home with Des Moines Water Works’ water main is your responsibility as a homeowner,” said Bill Stowe, CEO and General Manager, Des Moines Water Works. “If you were unfortunate enough to suffer a break in this line, or discover an inoperable shutoff valve, it would be up to you to find a plumber and face potentially costly repairs.”

To provide homeowners with an option, Des Moines Water Works has selected HomeServe to provide homeowners with a plan that protects them from costs associated with repairs to their water service line. After a thorough evaluation process, the coverage provided by HomeServe was determined to be the most comprehensive coverage and tailored for Des Moines Water Works’ customers.

“You may receive offers from other companies – but unlike this coverage offered by HomeServe, those offers are not customized for Des Moines Water Works’ customers, nor recommended by Des Moines Water Works,” said Stowe. “Des Moines Water Works is pleased to offer this optional coverage as a service to our customers.”

HomeServe policyholders will have an Emergency Repair Hotline that is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to bring local, licensed and insured plumbing contractors right to their home for repairs. The plan includes locating, excavating and repairing or replacing the damaged water pipe.

“This program can save you a significant amount of money, as a service line replacement can cost thousands of dollars. It can also save you the time and inconvenience of finding a qualified plumber, which can be difficult in the best of times, let alone in an emergency,” said Tom Rusin, HomeServe Chief Executive Officer. “Having this program also eliminates worry, as you can be sure the job is professionally completed by a local, licensed and insured Des Moines area plumber.”

Des Moines Water Works has secured this optional policy coverage at an affordable price of $3.99 per month, which will be conveniently billed on Des Moines Water Works’ monthly statement. For more information on the program or to register for coverage, call TOLL-FREE 1-855-695-1493 or go online to