Two-way communications sensor

Itron's ChoiceConnect solution for water with the new 100 W end point offers customer engagement beyond the bill, system integrity monitoring for water conservation, and enhanced levels of operational efficiency. It has full two-way communications, time-synchronized interval data, and remote-sensor technology. It is submersible and operates in temperatures between -40° F to 158° F. Itron Inc.

Solar water circulator

SolarBee v18 long-distance water circulator creates a flow that helps eliminate thermal stratification and stagnation in potable water. The solar-powered circulator operates with an on-board battery system. Installed in elevated, ground, or underwater storage tanks, it meets NSF/ ANSI Standard 61 for materials in contact with drinking water. SolarBee Inc.

Monitor tanks at extreme temperatures

The FLT93 Tank Level Switch, designed for monitoring storage tanks, is now rated for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2-compliant service. It has been classified as a Type A subsystem. It operates in temperatures from -100º F to 500º F and has been hydrostatically proof pressure-tested to 3,500 lb.-force/ sq. in. gauge (psig). Fluid Components International.

Sand-graded for filtration plants

Northern Filter Sand resource specifications include: bed depth of 12 to 36 in.; service flow rate of 2 to 5 gals./minute (gpm) per sq. ft.; and a backwash flow rate of 15 to 20 gpm/sq. ft. Northern Filter Media.

Log titration curves in real time

The Aquacounter Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator (AQV-2100S) has a wide detection range from 100 ppm to 100%. It can also be converted to either a two-channel volumetric-volumetric titrator or a two-channel volumetric-coulometric titrator. The volumetric conversion allows the use of two different strength titrants for maximum analytical flexibility. JM Science Inc.

Self-cleaning analyzer

The HYDRA Nitrate Analyzer System measures the concentration of dissolved nitrate as nitrogen in water. The sensor uses two electrodes to measure nitrate and chloride in concentrations from 0.1 to 1000 ppm, pH from 0 to 14 and temperature from 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F). Accuracy is ±3% of reading with a response time of T90 1 minute. Electro-Chemical Devices.

No need for straight pipe runs

The flat-panel flow conditioner, Model VIP, maximizes flow meter performance with minimal pressure drop. It can be installed between flanges or welded in place. It provides a highly repeatable flow profile during laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow conditions. It is made of 316L stainless steel in sizes for installation in pipes from 2- to 40-in. diameters. Vortab Co.

StormwaterFilter exceeds removal standards

The FloGard Perk Filter has achieved a General Use Level Designation from the Washington State Department of Ecology for Basic and Phosphorous Treatment. The filter exceeds standards established for both total suspended solids and for phosphorous. It is a radial media cartridge-style filtration system with several configurations available in catch basins, manholes, or vaults. KriStar Enterprises Inc.

Save up to 180,000 gallons per flush point

The Hydro-Guard automatic and programmable flushing system reduces water consumption associated with required flushing programs by as much as 180,000 gals./site annually and can save as much as $13,000/unit in the first year of operation. It enables a single operator to manage multiple sites throughout a water utility's distribution system remotely. Hydro-Guard.