When continuous curb isn’t necessary (or costs too much), these raised lane separators with upright channelizer posts effectively divide traffic lanes.

When the Newport Pell Bridge was built almost a half century ago, it was thought of as an engineering marvel and a structure that would positively affect the livelihood of Aquidneck, Rhode Island and its surrounding communities. Now, the 45 year old Pell bridge has become the site of too much heartache! The result of two fatal head-on accidents in the past two years. And because the bridge carries approximately 27,300 vehicles per day, the driving public is demanding something be done to make the bridge safer.

The Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority has chosen to install Pexco’s Turnpike Curb System to delineate the centerlines on the bridge to provide an extra measure of safety.

On Thursday January 23rd, work began to install the yellow lane separators between the lanes to create a visual alert and help prevent drivers from crossing over the centerline. Traveling at the posted 40 mile per hour speed limit, motorists will pass three lane separators per second with the effect of creating a picket fence. The posts will visually alert drivers that they are drifting too close to the centerline.

The Turnpike Grade Curb System, first introduced in 2009, is a modular lane separator specifically designed for high speed, high volume traffic areas and is a cost effective alternative to concrete barriers. They provide excellent nighttime visibility with lenses built into each curb section as well as micro-prismatic reflective sheeting on each post.

The super-tough polyurethane upright posts have been impact tested at 70mph. The curb and post combination are MUTCD compliant and NCHRP 350 approved. The curb sections are quick and easy to install with either 4 bolts or adhesive for short-term, temporary applications.


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