The unique acrylic based formula of EcoShield 386 Water Based Coating Powered by Nano VpCI uses a complex mixture of nano sized non-toxic organic inhibitors which provide protection superior to traditional corrosion inhibiting coatings.

EcoShield 386 is an outstanding choice for harsh, unsheltered outdoor applications where corrosion and UV protection are required for long periods of time. The potential industry applications of this cutting edge technology are countless, ranging from industrial, to energy, to oil and gas, to automotive uses!

Additional features:

• Fast drying and easy to work with

• Low VOC - less than 0.6 pounds per gallon (68 g/l)

• Applicable via spray, dip, or brushing

• Resistant to sagging or running

• Non-flammable protective barrier

• UV resistance discourages cracking or chipping

under extended sunlight exposure

• Can be tinted to match custom colors

• Can be used as a DTM coating, or as a topcoat

over the appropriate primer

• Cold weather (winterized) version available

• Safer to use, easier to clean up, and more environmentally friendly than hazardous solvent based coatings!

Cortec Corporation

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