The new BIOGAS 3000 can use up to four sample ports to monitor methane carbon dioxide, and oxygen, with optional monitoring of hydrogen sulfide hydrogen and carbon monoxide levels, operators can choose up to five gases to monitor. The device features easy self-installation and maintenance. In addition, QED provides a temporary replacement unit, resulting in zero operational downtime for servicing. The analyzer offers simple user calibration and an easy-to-operate system.

The BIOGAS 3000 is available with a continuous monitoring option for CH4, CO2 and O2. By incorporating external H2S sensors in ranges from 50 to 10,000 parts per million, it can be used to monitor before and after desulphurization. Also available are pre-calibrated sensors, which prevent system downtime. New this year is a built-in liquid level monitoring feature equipped with a dedicated alarm and moisture removal drain, or an automatic drain option that empties the catchpot without manual intervention, offering flexibility for on-site maintenance.

Built with an IP65-rated enclosure, the BIOGAS 3000 is certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and IECEx Zone 2 areas. A variety of options are available for communication with a SCADA system, including six configurable 4-20mA outputs with a Modbus RTU communication protocol. Process Field Bus and Process Field Net and Ethernet communication protocols are also offered.

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