Hach Company Flow Products & Services is pleased to announce the release of the Hach FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager software.

A free software download, FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager is designed specifically for field crews to dramatically reduce the time needed to set-up, download and maintain Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers and sensors. This results in significant improvements to the overall efficiency of users’ open channel flow monitoring programs.

FSDATA Desktop’s dashboard approach is a key factor in reducing necessary user interaction time. By displaying both program and real-time information in a single location, users can quickly assess and improve the meter’s programming. FSDATA Desktop is also highly-intuitive, built with extensive input from field crews, to mimic the actual workflow process. Not only does this minimize the number of steps, but it also reduces the chance for programming errors.

Of vital importance is FSDATA Desktop’s ability to ensure that instruments are properly calibrated right the first time. Set-up wizards quickly allow even infrequent flow meter users to accomplish flow logger set-up and calibration through step-by-step illustrated instructions. Plus, with built-in and multi-layered error reduction features, FSDATA Desktop reduces human mistakes that lead to bad data and costly corrective site returns.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Dashboard: Shows you everything you need to know in a single screen. No need to dive any further. • Intuitive User Interface: Software mimics actual workflow, streamlining your work to minimize steps and reduce the chance for programming errors
• Setup wizards: Take the guesswork out of instrument programming by guiding you step-by-step with clear instructions and illustrations
• Layered Error Reduction: Automatically checks for errors on individual programming stages as well as on the full-program, providing you with full confidence in your final set-up

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