The new QuickCube System utilizes weatherproof, poly cubes that can be filled with solid deicing materials and replace the need for remote salt piles, tarps and temporary salt shelters. The material is fed to the spinner disc via gravity and the auger for reliability and ease of operation.

A fork-shaped spreader assembly is attached to the skidsteer via a universal attachment system and is used to pick up the filled cubes, move them and spread salt. The spreader utilizes the skidsteers auxiliary hydraulic couplers, with very few moving parts and no electric motors. The weldment can be easily removed for snowplowing implements like a box plow for more versatility at job sites.

A QuickCube system consists of a spreader assembly and six poly cubes (hoppers). Each cube holds 1/2 cubic yard of deicing material. A complete QuickCube system has the same capacity as a 3-cubic-yard V-box hopper spreader.

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