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Since 2015, the U.S. Water Alliance's Value of Water Campaign has hosted the annual Imagine A Day Without Water initiative. The event is a day of action that asks Americans and elected officials to think about often-overlooked water systems. In the past, organizations have participated in the campaign by encouraging mayors, city councils, and governors to issue proclamations, encouraging businesses and citizens to grasp what it might be like to have to go without water.

According to Klaus Reichardt, CEO and Founder of Waterless CO., LLC, manufacturers of no-water urinals, about 900 million people around the world do not have access to safe water. Rising water bills also serve to remind consumers that water is not not in unlimited supply.

Water and wastewater systems are often taken for granted, but natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey, and the Flint, Mich. water crisis, remind the public what it would be like to live without reliable water and wastewater services. The event is meant to raise awareness about water's value and the need to invest in water infrastructure.

In the past, U.S manufacturers, retailers, city councils, engineering firms, hotels, schools and even health organizations have joined and made the day a success. For more information on the program and the ways your organization can participate, contact Emily Simonson at [email protected]