A feature of the software is its integration of one-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation of flows in rivers, open channels and pipe networks and two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation of surface flooding in the urban environment and river floodplain. The combination provides a solution for simultaneously modeling belowground and aboveground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths, enabling true integrated river, sewer and overland flow dynamic modeling. The software also takes interactions of natural and man-made environments into account, and simulates the impact of polluting runoff and effluent from urban areas on water quality.

The software’s additional improvements include the ability to read alphanumeric time series data; direct accessibility to geocoding addresses; user-definable conveyance data to be specified for river reaches; horizontal scrolling in long section views; support for Esri ArcGIS 10.4; and more than 25% gain in computational speed, allowing users to focus on engineering goals with minimal distraction. In addition, runoff and ground water in subcatchments can now drain to different nodes, and SQL expressions can be added to TVD connectors.


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