Intellistreets is a flexible wireless solution that integrates LED streetlights with numerous communications add-ons. When you’re ready to upgrade to LED, replace the old high-intensity discharge fixtures with an LED fixture available in designs ranging from historical to modern (keep the pole and/or arm) that come equipped with a dual-band wireless mesh transceiver. Each Intellistreets module controls up to four luminaires to provide on-demand light or dimming via a photocell that automatically activates according to preprogrammed criteria. Wireless communication uses same security protocol banks use: AES 128-bit hardware encryption and 256-bit SSH network encryption. Options that can mounted to the pole include:

· Two-sided LED digital signs for wayfinding, traffic direction, alert notification, civic information, and revenue generation (by displaying advertising).· Water level detection.
· Image sensor and/or camera to monitor proximity and count pedestrians.
· Push-to-talk emergency call “blue button.”
· Concealed placement spaker (CPS) for alerts, announcements, and music.
· Seismic and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosives (CBRNE) sensors.

All can be pre-programmed or wirelessly controlled via an app and are scalable.

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