The NCPA is a competitively bid national cooperative purchasing contract open to all eligible municipal entities. The use of this cooperative contract will allow municipals to streamline the buying process for KM International’s full equipment line without having to go out to bid. The NCPA contract will allow NCPA members to seamlessly purchase KM International’s full equipment line including asphalt hotbox reclaimers, infrared recyclers, asphalt millings recycler, and crack maintenance equipment without the bid process.

KM International’s contract number 05-25 was awarded under the solicitation for “Roadway Maintenance Equipment and Supplies” as of December 1, 2017. “As an organization, we have always been active in government bidding process, which at times can be extremely arduous for all parties involved.” Says Michael Blake, Director of Marketing with KM International. “Being awarded a NCPA contract is an exciting step to streamlining the municipal buying process, and will benefit our organization and the members of the NCPA tremendously, so it is a win-win for all parties.” Blake adds.

"We are proud to be partnering with KM International to bring their offering to our members," said Jonathan Applegate, Director of Operations at NCPA. "NCPA works diligently to select vendors of the highest quality, performance, and most importantly, those with the best value proposition and we believe KM International meets all those qualifications for our members. We offer a competitively bid contract that simplifies the process for agencies that allows them to expedite the purchasing process while also making sure they are implementing the best solution for their environment.”

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