Lake Wales, Florida - Petersen Industries, Inc., the waste and recycling industry’s leading knuckleboom manufacturer, was awarded an NJPA (National Joint Powers Association) national contract # 070313-PII for procurement of “Grounds Maintenance with Related Equipment, Accessories and Supplies”. This is Petersen Industries second awarded contract with NJPA. The NJPA serves over 46,000 government and non-profit organizations as a contracting agency that satisfies competitive bid requirements while reducing the cost of the purchased equipment. As a NJPA awarded contract vendor, Petersen Industries is part of a select group of world-class vendors.

“NJPA is the best and simplest way for government entities to get exactly what they want, while having total transparency and meeting the bid requirements.” says Sam Petersen, Vice-President of Petersen Industries. Petersen Industries is pleased to offer this streamlining purchase process benefit to its customers. For more information on the NJPA®, visit