The meter can measure flows in pipes between 10 and 100 percent full and its non-contact sensor is not affected by oils and fats floating on the surface. In addition, TIDALFLUX has a broad diameter range to fit pipes up to DN1600 or 64 inches, and has high chemical and abrasion resistance to provide exceptional durability.

The accuracy in partially filled pipes is <1% of full scale, and the accuracy in full pipes is <1% of the measured value. TIDALFLUX 2300 does not require on-site calibration as it is wet-calibrated at factory in a direct comparison of volumes.

The in-line flowmeter is a closed measurement solution for a safe and clean working environment, replacing open channel measurements. The electrodes are mounted at a height of 10 % from the pipe bottom, ensuring that they are always wetted to avoid corrosion. The capacitive level sensors are integrated in the liner and have no contact with the medium.


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