Unlike many aeration processes, this system digests sludge in situ.

Blue Frog Patented Technology layers wastewater lagoons to mimic nature by utilizing circulators that create radial outflowing currents. Blue Frog circulators utilize low horsepower motors and move 7 million gpd.

A floating baffle is used to redirect the horizontal flowing water downward from the lagoon's surface to the anaerobic zone. Selected bacteria form synergistic anaerobic biofilms in tight, mineral-based granules on the bottom of the pond, forming a granular sludge bed reactor (GSBR) over the entire pond bottom. Surface biosolids are delivered to the GSBR, liquefied and converted into gas by the bacteria immobilized in and on the granule. The produced gas rises and mixes in the water column. Continuously feeding the granules increases their productivity, partially offsetting the slower rate of reaction of anaerobes versus aerobes. Once the granular sludge bed reactor is established, bacteria will grow and die in direct response to the level of nutrient loading entering the lagoon.

Absolute Aeration. www.bluefrogsystem.com

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