In addition, it will serve the remainder of 2,800-acres of potential development in the cities of Haslet and Fort Worth. For this reason, the Cities of Fort Worth and Haslet entered into agreement to construct the sewer interceptor line. As the sewer line discharges into an existing Trinity River Authority of Texas (TRA) interceptor (both cities are customers of the Trinity River Authority), the TRA also partnered with the two cities.

The interceptor, which is the first phase of a larger project, will include the design of approximately 2,100 linear feet of 18-inch line, 2,300 linear feet of 21-inch line, and 2,800 linear feet of 24-inch line. A second phase is also being planned that will include a northern segment and City of Fort Worth meter stations.

Funding for the project is shared by the Cities of Fort Worth and Haslet. The City of Haslet will oversee the project’s design and construction. Ultimately, after a Fort Worth connection, the line will be owned and operated by the TRA.

“This project exemplifies how municipalities partner in North Texas for the benefit of constituents,” said Justin Reeves, P.E., LAN’s senior associate and team leader.

Design will be completed in January 2019 and construction is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2019.