A system that can be mounted or installed for bus stops, park shelters, street lighting, and parking garages.

This new light system is a solution designed to be a fully integrated, self-contained solar, and battery charged fixture with numerous application opportunities. Remove the need for AC power by employing OMJC’s power charge and consumption technology that enhances solar efficiency at a remarkable rate. With this new system, the OMJC light fixture can run autonomously 24/7/365 in the Continental U.S given the panel is not obstructed.

Our DC LED Light Fixture is engineered to be versatile for many applications. Given the compact nature of its design, this system can be mounted or installed for bus stops, recreational park shelters, street & pedestrian lighting, parking lots & garages, and more.

The DC LED Light Fixture includes two high output LED light engines, a high impact resistant solar panel, OMJC UGS charge controller, and high-quality long-life no maintenance AGM batteries. The LED light engine has a projected 25 year life.

The UGS incorporates a programmable time clock, including dusk/dawn override features. The 24 hour clock enables 2 on/off periods. This system is designed to protect long term battery life even during prolonged overcast solar coverage.

OMJC Signal, Inc.

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