Entry-level radar speed sign

Weighing in at 17 lbs. and measuring 23x39x2.98 in., the AC-powered SafePace 100's anti-glare lens system comes with flashing strobe and software. Optional solar power or batteries add up to four more weeks of operation. Other options include a universal mounting bracket and folding "Your Speed" sign plate. Traffic Logix. www.trafficlogix.com.

Designer SSL Series available in LED

Three of the company's most popular fixtures - Largent, Providence, and Universe - have an array of replaceable modules that control each diode and a secondary perimeter reflector that redirects any stray light to deliver uniform illumination between widely spaced poles. HID (high-intensity discharge)-to-LED upgrade kits are available for Largent and Universe. Architectural Area Lighting. www.aal.net.

Online solar LED calculator

Determine your options in less than 10 minutes using the EverGEN Selector Tool on the company's Web site. Drawing on 22 years of NASA data, the tool models configurations based on the location and application for which they'll be installed. When you're finished, print out or e-mail specifications. Carmanah Technologies Corp. www.carmanah.com/lighting.

Color comparable to ceramic metal halide

Available in two to 12 system configurations and 15 optical distributions that include proprietary "spill eliminator" optics, the Streetworks Ventus allows you to customize lumen and energy output. The luminaire's design allows for passive cooling and natural cleaning of the extruded heat sink, ensuring reliable operation in -22° to 104° F ambient environments. Cooper Lighting. www.cooperlighting.com.

Wireless light-pole-based communication system

A speaker installed in the base turns a streetlight into an entertainment and/or emergency-alert system with Web-based IntelliFX control software, which allows users to program, control, and monitor light and sound levels for individual streets or entire districts. The wireless mesh network on which Intellistreets operates continues to function if a light pole is damaged and can't communicate with the rest of the system. The base system of lighting control, wireless communication, concealed audio, and alert indication can be augmented with still or video LED signage and weather and footfall sensors. Illuminating Concepts. www.illuminatingconcepts.com.

Configurable LED module

This LED Commercial Downlight Module is a configurable light engine platform that's available in three standard color temperatures - warm white, neutral white and cool white - with minimum lumen performances of 700-920, 1080-1350, and 1300-1800. It's designed to meet EnergyStar and UL requirements. Heatron Inc. www.heatron.com.