Most people think of polished concrete in terms of residential or commercial applications.

But because the material wears well with minimal maintenance, public agencies and institutions also choose polished concrete for projects.

One-third of this Caltrans and Bay Area Toll Authority maintenance complex, for example, is concrete that was colored gray and polished using Advanced Floor Products’ RetroPlate system. In addition to helping the building achieve LEED certification, the floor earned a Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Award last year.

One of the program’s eight categories is Institutional: hospitals, churches, and government facilities.

In my decade as Public Works editor, I’ve seen agencies deliver beautiful and durable infrastructure by staining, stamping, stenciling, and/or coloring concrete. They’ve wisely invested taxpayer dollars in public pools, roadway medians, plazas, crosswalks, sidewalks, and even roundabouts.

However, unlike residential and commercial project owners, you’re a little less likely to show off your work.

So I’m asking you to consider submitting a polished concrete project your agency delivered in 2015. It costs $75 to submit a project, but even if you don’t win an award, the submission lives in perpetuity online on the Concrete Surfaces website.

AND there’s always the chance we’ll write up your project in more detail in Public Works, (especially if your agency self-performed the work).

Please, don't be shy. Represent! Grab some photos and click here to get started.