Latest in company’s confined-space equipment line is a compact magnetic tool that lifts 500 lbs.

For workers utilizing manholes, Allegro adds the Compact Magnetic Lid Lifter to its vast offering. The toughest manhole covers are easy to move and remove using this lightweight, one-piece
compact lid lifter.

The durable design features include an aluminum handle and base, rubber grips on the handles for easier handling, and emergency orange color. The three magnets are made from rare neodymium that won’t wear out. Built-in impaction protection guards surround the magnets. This Compact Magnetic Lid Lifter has a lifting capacity of 500 lbs., weighs just 14 lbs., and is 34” tall. A storage tray offers added mobility during transportation.

Additional Lid Lifter products include: the Deluxe Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter which offers quick, safe removal and replacement of manhole covers. Collapsible for easy storage and transport, this Lid Lifter moves manhole covers up to 36”. Accessories are available including: additional magnets, Storm Grate Lifting Adapter, Spreader Bar, Chain with Hook, Extension Bar and Extension Handle and large puncture proof wheels. The Deluxe Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter is a one-piece lifter featuring a long all-steel handle with rubber grip that provides the leverage to lift heavy lids.

Allegro Industries offers a complete line of work equipment for use in confined spaces. All the equipment is uniquely designed for convenience and durability.

ALLEGRO Industries.

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