The robot provides accurate, efficient drilling in concrete ceilings and promises far less strain on workers. The mobile drilling robot is the first of its kind, allowing robots and manual workers to work side by side, without a safety cage.

Real life tests show the efficiency is more than five times what manual labor alone can provide. With the extra benefit of increased safety and health savings, nLink believes their robot can revolutionize the construction industry. Focusing on advanced control systems, the robot is easy to use and controlled by an iPad app.

Most of the private and industrial buildings today are constructed in concrete. Concrete is a versatile building material, but it also puts extra strain on workers with heavy workloads, above shoulder height. Measuring up and drilling holes are time consuming for any contractor and worker.

The operating system is advanced, but does not compromise the user friendliness. This robot will assist electricians, plumbers, dropped ceiling installers and others in measuring and drilling in concrete ceilings, and is equipped with a full range of sensors, allowing it to know its own position in the room. Another set of sensors allows for drilling predefined holes with a power drill, drilling within a millimeter precision.

Continued development will allow the increased use of BIM-files in the construction business and opens a world of possibilities during the different stages of planning, building and maintenance of buildings.

nLink AS aims to • Revolutionize the construction business with the first commercial mobile drilling robot
• Develop mobile robots aiming to solve time consuming and hazardous work
• Create safer jobs
• Develop robots that solve problems identified by the construction business

Facts • Robot solutions are predicted to create 240.000 new jobs in the EU towards 2020 in robotics
• Boston Consulting Group predicts the robotic industry to grow 4x by 2025
• PwC says the construction industry will grow 3x by 2025


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