SCADAWatch equips utilities with the first-ever scalable framework for proactively viewing, sharing and analyzing water and sewer operational information, key performance indicator measures and hydraulic and water quality data, in motion and with historical trending. Results are presented on a real-time business dashboard over a standard Internet connection. The solution automatically generates comprehensive, high performance reports to help utilities develop the best course of action based on specific performance objectives. Overall performance of all critical assets can be displayed both in real time and on a periodic basis hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal or year-to-year overview.

SCADA systems give utilities real-time information about the status of their water and sewer networks, including Web-based trending and alarm and event aggregation. Operators can eliminate complex offline analyses challenges through a smarter use of sensors and telemetry already embedded in network and plant assets. The software consolidates all this data in one central place, provides users with a complete overview of the performance and cost of their operating systems and assets, and lets them optimize business processes using advanced predictive and operational analytics.

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