Rugged street sweeper

The MS/MT350 street sweeper is a heavy-duty machine mounted on a commercially available truck chassis. With dual steering controls and operating positions, it offers a high degree of maneuverability. Other features include 60-gallon fuel capacity, single- or twin-engine options, hopper with 4.4-cubic-yard capacity, and direct hydraulic broom drive. Its “ergo” switch enables one-button operation for all sweeping functions. Johnston Sweeper.

All-purpose vacuum

The APV all-purpose vacuum features a standard 10-foot hose attachment for spot applications; to use, simply flip a switch, remove the hose from the mount, use, then replace and continue vacuuming. The 30-inch intake housing allows the operator to clean litter at a rate of 30,000 square feet per hour. It offers study construction, and its 14-inch tires move easily over any turf or hard surface; variable height adjustment permits pickup of large or small debris. Two engines are available: 6.75-hp Briggs & Stratton or 6.5-hp Honda. Minuteman International Inc.

Riding litter vacuum

The EVC-4H hydraulic litter vacuum sucks up litter as the operator drives along, manipulating the hose to pick up scattered litter strewn against fences, under trees, around bushes, along curbs, or in open spaces. The labor-saving machine enables the operator to do the work of five manual pickers. A hydrostatic drive enables maneuvering forward and backward with a single foot pedal. Anything that fits into the 8-inch-diameter hose (cans, bottles, cups, leaves) is drawn directly into a throw-away plastic bag. The vehicle can run over pavement or uneven ground easily. Hollowell Products Co.

Powerful vacuum attachment

The Litter Loder vacuum attachment is suitable for collecting loose debris, roadside litter, and green waste. Available in capacities from 18 to 110 hp, the machine has impeller blades that precondition material for fast composting. Designed for installation on the company's M-Series side-loading compaction body, it accepts bulky material into its oversized hopper. When not being used for litter control or compost collection, the side loader can be used for missed waste pickups, or highway and park maintenance. Haul All Equipment Systems.

Vacuum sweeper attachment

The company offers a vacuum sweeper attachment for use on its C2.42 multipurpose vehicle. At only 48 inches wide, the articulated sweeper easily maneuvers over sidewalks, across narrow pathways, and through obstructed alleys. The hopper offers a 0.6-yard capacity and a dump height from 62 to 68 inches. The water has heavy-duty, 66-gallon capacity poly-tanks, and 12-V, 2-gallon-per-minute pumps near the front brushes and the fan/hopper. It has two 32-inch brushes; the brush path is adjustable from 64 to 84 inches. Holder of North America Co.

Walk-behind vacuum

The LV-30 Litter Vac features rugged construction and a tough 12-inch dirt and debris passing impeller system. It is designed to clean in one pass, on all types of terrain. The wide 30-inch cleaning path makes it capable of moving 900 cubic feet of air per minute. It comes with a choice of rear wheels, including large 20-inch wheels for hard surfaces and wide pneumatic wheels for turf. Accessories include optional hoses and nozzles, which allow debris pickup from hard to reach areas, such as window wells and along fences. Clarke.

Toxic-gas shutoff

The Terminator Actuator quickly closes 150-pound toxic-gas cylinder valves in 3 seconds when activated by remote sensors and switches. The fire-code-approved, microprocessor-controlled system has a self-contained battery that assures operation of the motorized closing mechanism during a power failure. It applies 40 foot-pounds of torque during an emergency activation to secure the closure of hazardous gas valves. Halogen Valve Systems.

No-drill vehicle mounts

RAM vehicle mounts are heavy-duty steel bases ideal for mounting laptops in fleet vehicles. Custom-formed to fit a range of different models, each product in the line provides a mounting platform for the company's mounting systems. Using the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points, the mounts can be installed with existing hardware in the vehicle; additional hardware is supplied if needed. The products can be installed in ATVs, trucks, forklifts, and other machines, and they can be used to mount a GPS, PDA, camera, cellular phone, or other device. National Products Inc.

Adsorbent arsenic-removal media

ADSORBSIA is a titanium-based arsenic-removal product that offers better performance and cost advantages than traditional iron oxide-based adsorbent media. Its innovative structure results in faster kinetics, permitting for smaller diameter vessels, and a smaller system footprint. In addition, the high-capacity media has a dry, white granule that is easy to install and maintain. It removes both As(V) and As(III) without pretreatment, is effective across a wide pH range, and is stable during pH fluctuations. The Dow Chemical Co.

Large skidsteers

The SK1026-5 is the company's largest skidsteer loader. It's equipped with enhanced loader and arm bucket control, increased hp, one of the longest wheel-bases in its class, advanced hydraulics, automatic power control, and standard two-speed travel features. The 8134-pound loader, powered by a turbocharged and fuel-efficient diesel engine, has 84 hp at 2500 rpm. All instrumentation is located on the operator restraint bar for easy viewing, and all controls and switches are within easy reach for the operator. Komatsu America Corp. 10.