Nanotechnology to treat wastewater with increased effectiveness, improved efficiency, saving costs, time, and energy.

The process of removing contaminants from runoff and effluent is necessary, but costly. The traditional system that produces reusables from wastewater includes not one, but several, processes. This accumulation of treatments compounds the expenditures of time, labor, and energy, running up costs both to your organization and to the environment.

In standard wastewater treatment, once the heavy solid wastes are removed, microorganisms are employed to absorb the dissolved biological waste matter and convert it into harmless compounds. This biological treatment of wastewater is modeled on the natural purifying process that our waterways have used to clean themselves for eons. But as this process consumes oxygen constantly, its effectiveness is largely limited by your ability to continue providing the aerobic (oxygen-hungry) bacteria with sufficient amounts of O2.

Aqua Bio Technologies a manufacturer of biologic water restoration, water reclaim, rain harvest and odor control systems has developed the PrO2 series, an advancement in the use of nanotechnology to treat wastewater with increased effectiveness, improved efficiency, saving costs, time, and energy.

The PRO2 Series works by inundating the aerobic bacteria with oxygen they need to consume large amounts of waste and render it harmless. Through nanotechnology, the PRO2 injects concentrated streams of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles into the targeted waste streams, enabling bacteria to consume up to 95% of organic waste. Not only does this result in dramatic reduction in sludge hauls, but the energy efficiency of the PRO2 reduces aeration costs by 75% or more.

The PRO2 Series: ? Offers multiple oxygen delivery zones, making oxygen transfer extremely efficient.
? Occupies no more space than a household refrigerator, even as it operates in several zones with varying dissolved oxygen demands
? Can be monitored remotely in real time and in different zones and adjusted remotely
? Can be sized to areas ranging from small retention ponds to the largest-scale industrial use

Thanks to the PRO2 Series, you can dramatically decrease energy costs, decrease the BODs, CODs, NO2/NO3, total inorganic nitrogen, ammonia, phosphorus, and suspended solids, while increasing the amount of clear, odor-free, and safe water in your effluent.


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