Stump grinder

The Model 2900 stump grinder features a 79-hp engine, and a 24-inch hydrostatic cutter wheel that lets the machine quickly dispatch stumps of any size. Its expandable and retractable rubber-tracked undercarriage and compact width (35 inches at its narrowest) allow it to move through confined areas and over rough terrain. An available remote lets the operator control the grinder from any position, increasing comfort and visibility. Bandit Industries.

Sickle bar

The McConnel Swingtrim sickle bar can cut hedges, grass, and weeds in hard-to-reach areas. With its articulated boom and 4-foot length, it can handle brush and small trees up to ½ inch in diameter. Weighing less than 500 pounds, it can be mounted on a compact 15-hp tractor. The boom has an 11-foot vertical reach, 14-foot horizontal reach, and a 6-foot reach when angled 45 degrees down. Alamo Industrial.

Large-scale beach cleaner

The BeachTech 3000 is suitable for cleaning large areas of sand economically. It can cover more than 35,800 square yards of dry sand an hour, and nearly 18,000 square yards of wet sand per hour. Two hydrostatic pumps drive the pickup roller and screening belts, and the tractor powers the beach cleaner's hydraulics. Its large load capacity (more than 6 cubic yards) lets the operator work longer without needing to empty. BeachTech.

Sturdy brush cutter

This 72-inch, high-flow brush cutter has a heavy-duty, ¼-inch-thick steel deck, with formed, stiffened side plates and skid shoes for durability. Its high clearance and smooth deck design prevents debris from building up. The unit's high-speed, dual-rotation blades cut brush and small trees up to 4 inches in diameter. In addition, a blade-stall indicator warns of overload conditions. Bradco.

Heavy-duty mower

The 997 Z-Trak mower, featuring a 31-hp diesel engine, is geared toward heavy-duty governmental and commercial applications. The deck is constructed of a single sheet of 7-gauge steel; choose from 60-inch side or rear discharge, or 72-inch side discharge. Other features include a fully enclosed engine compartment, hydraulic power takeoff clutch, and deluxe seat with armrests and ergonomic controls. A hydraulically adjustable deck is available. John Deere Lawn Care Div.

Debris blower

The Turbine Blower mounts on the company's 700 and 900 Series True Zero Turn FrontMount mowers for maximum maneuverability. Its 360-degree, remote-controlled nozzle rotation enables the operator to precisely direct airflow for fast clean-up. The unit produces up to 9500 cfm at speeds exceeding 150 mph, reducing high-volume clean-up time. It can be used to move leaves, grass clippings, aeration plugs, and debris, or to dry wet areas. The Grasshopper Co.

Versatile beach cleaner

The Surf Rake uses tines to efficiently remove a range of materials from sand, from cigarette butts to driftwood. It cleans in both wet and dry sand conditions, and they can be used on turf and dirt to remove litter and stones. Three models are offered: the compact 400, the mid-size 400HD, and the large 600HD, which can clean up to 7 acres of sand per hour. H. Barber & Sons Inc.

Heavy-duty mulcher

The HM312 mulcher has a high-speed rotor with 28 tungsten carbide teeth to cut and shred vegetation. It can cut brush up to nearly 8 inches in diameter. The machine features an axial pump hydraulic motor to drive the 48-inch drum. The V-belt drive protects against blockage, and the front hood allows trees and dense vegetation to be processed. The mulcher is designed to be used with the company's high-flow XPS loaders and other machines. Caterpillar Inc.

High-speed beach cleaner

With single-screen cleaning, the 4700XL beach cleaner cleans in 6-foot widths. The screens feature easy-glide flights, which offer low-wear reliability. The screening method enables users to customize the size of material removed, providing fast, efficient separation of debris from sand or soil. The easy-to-change screens come in four hole sizes: 3/8, 5/8, 3/4, and 1 inch. The machine comes with a 2-cubic-yard hopper. Cherrington Enterprises.

Versatile cutting decks

The XR-7 mowing decks—available on the company's Super Z and Hustler Z machines—offer versatility and fine cutting capability. Choose from side-discharge, mulching, or catching configurations; a striping roller is optional. Each deck minimizes clumping and buildup underneath, enhancing finished appearance and productivity. An easy-to-install mulch kit requires no drilling or deck modification. The decks come in four widths from 54 to 66 inches. Hustler Turf Equipment.