Highway repair material

Long Life Highway Repair is an asphalt cold mix formulated to outlast standard cold mixes and hot-mix patching materials in cold, wet conditions under highway traffic. The product is viscosity graded to be workable in cold temperatures, making it possible for road crews to install quickly. Cutting Edge Cold Mixes. www.meredithbrothersinc.com.

Recycled asphalt

Green Mix recycled asphalt can help a roadway or parking area project attain LEED certification, or it may bump a certified structure into a LEED Silver, Gold, or Platinum premium certification. Made from recycled asphalt pavement, the product can be placed, graded, and compacted. It accommodates heavy traffic almost immediately. It typically serves as a durable base to support a thin asphalt wearing course or surface treatment. Wirtgen America Inc. www.wirtgenamerica.com.

Flatwork screed

The WRS SuperScreed is ideal for flatwork and paving applications. It's sectional truss frame and several strike tube lengths allow it to strike off 14-to 52-ft. panels. It works on highway offramps and on curved and tapered roadways. Powered by a removable hydraulic power unit that's driven by either a 20-hp gasoline or 28-hp diesel engine, the self-propelled roller screed requires one operator, two laborers, and two concrete placers. Multiquip Inc. www.multiquip.com.

Vibratory rollers

The 200 Series of vibratory compaction rollers can be used in a variety of asphalt paving applications. With engine ranges from 27 to 148 hp, the rollers offer high centrifugal forces, 360-degree visibility, rugged components, and up to 36 hours of operation per fuel fill. Case Construction Equipment. www.casece.com.