Lake Wales, Florida - Petersen Industries, Inc., the waste and recycling industry’s leading knuckleboom manufacturer, had an official signing ceremony today to join the Hardox In My Body Program. The program – which allows members to use the Hardox In My Body logo on their products – is strictly limited to companies with a proven track record of excellence in the use of Hardox to provide superior performance and product life at lower weight.

As a Hardox In My Body member, Petersen Industries, Inc. is permitted to use the “Hardox In My Body” logo on its products. Petersen Industries received this permission only after passing a rigorous application process and technical review with design stipulations. To see how tough Hardox wear plates are and why Petersen Industries is extremely proud of this recent partnership, visit,

“Casey Hardee and I have always identified the importance of the introduction of new products for our company. Immediately after we became the new owners the desire to use Hardox steel in our products was agreed upon. We are very pleased with each and every one of the benefits the use of Hardox provides to our customers.” says Sam Petersen, Vice-President of Petersen Industries.

“Both Hardox and Petersen Industries are proven leaders in our respective industries. It made perfect sense for us to partner together and bring forth the most innovative body design ever to the bulk waste loader market.” says Casey Hardee, President of Petersen Industries.

Petersen Industries’ dump bodies made with Hardox wear plates are similar in weight to a standard duty body but provide an increased wear life and are designed to stand up to tough loads. Our HDX – Hardox bodies look newer longer and provide smooth sides which are great for advertising purposes. To learn more about Petersen products that can be ordered designed with Hardox wear plates, visit