Restrained-joint PVC pipe

Certa-Lok C900/RJ is the first non-metallic joint-restraining system for municipal water and fire protection systems and other restrained-joint applications. It requires no special heat-fusion equipment; joints are assembled as the pullback continues, so streets remain open and clear. And compared to alternate thermoplastic materials, higher-strength PVC requires a much thinner wall to achieve the same pressure rating. Because of this, a smaller diameter of PVC pipe can often be used, creating real cost savings for the owner. CertainTeed.

Air-operated pinch valve

The large-diameter Type A Megaflex Pinch Valve is designed to handle stormwater overflows. It has the ability to close “drop-tight” on entrapped solids, and its full-ported actuation is accomplished by hydraulic pressure because the steel body itself acts as an actuator, eliminating the need for pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic components. It is available in sizes from 30 in. to 96 in. Red-Valve Co. Inc.

Pipe-bursting system reduces costs, labor

The Grundoburst static pipe-bursting system can pull in a variety of replacement pipe including PVC, DIP, ABS, cast-iron, fusion-welded HDPE, and VCP jacking pipe. Ideal for in-house municipal and city crews, the trenchless pipe replacement improves worker safety, reduces restoration costs, and decreases labor hours when compared with open-cut construction. Six models are available for bursting 2-in. through 54-in. pipes and larger. TT Technologies Inc.

Water leak locator reduces background noise

Small and easy to operate, the HL 10 Acoustic Water Leak Locator collects acoustical readings and displays those values to reliably locate even tiny leaks, and the three filter settings allow the equipment to be adjusted to the individual task. The volume and sensitivity control enables a technician to identify leaks immediately by reducing environmental background noise. The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure and the one-handed, ambidextrous unit allows for efficient completion of multiple tasks. Leak results are stored with a touch of the mute switch. A built-in LED light improves visibility in dark areas. It also includes an IP 67 piezo contact microphone with magnet and tripod for pinpointing on roads and concrete, and extension rods allow for leak detection surveys on hydrants, valves, and meters. Metrotech Corp.

Software reduces downtime

The Flowserve ValveSight is an asset management solution for integrated control valves and automated quarter-turn valve packages. It reduces unexpected plant or process downtime by predicting potential failure modes and prioritizing condition-based maintenance before the performance of the working process can degrade. Intelligent diagnostic software continuously captures diagnostic data from the valve, actuator, positioner, and control signal while the process is running and displays the data in an intuitive graphical user interface. As a result, the product helps plant managers prioritize planned maintenance by alerting them only when and where it is needed. The system is compatible with competitor valves and is available as an upgrade to most existing Logix 3000 series positioners. Flowserve Corp.

Pipe withstands wide pH range

Meyer Polycrete polymer concrete pipe is a composite material consisting of polyester resin, quartz sand, silicate aggregate, and quartz filler. Unlike portland cement, which performs poorly in acidic environments, Polycrete pipe uses a polyester resin to bond the kiln-dried silicate aggregate to create a dense, corrosion-resistant material. Designed for municipal gravity sewer applications, the pipe can withstand pH ranges from 1 to 13. Available sizes range from 18 in. to 96 in. U.S. Composite Pipe South LLC.

Three-inch PVC pipe for horizontal directional drilling

The Certa-Com conduit system now includes a 3-in.-diameter product that has been tested to current UL requirements for horizontal directional drilling projects. Featuring high strength and flexibility, Certa-Com uses the company's Certa-Lok PVC joining system for secure pipe connections. The locking joint allows it to be installed with modern trenchless construction methods. The system is easily and quickly assembled as the conduit is pulled into place and is available in 20-ft. lengths. CertainTeed.

Trenchless sewer rehab system

The Am-Liner II system is manufactured from a polyvinyl chloride compound formulated for pipeline rehabilitation and is resistant to all normal sewer effluents. It is designed to line sewer pipe from 6-in. diameters to 12-in. diameters and is installed through existing manholes. It eliminates exfiltration and root intrusion by cutting off the nutrient source to the root. American Pipe & Plastics Inc.

Integrated mapping program identifies leaks

The HL 6000 PC Correlator System identifies leaks in water pipes. Leaks may be easily marked and recorded in detail through an integrated mapping and drawing program, which allows users to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in pipes of any material. Its features include multi-correlation results comparison, 3-D timeline correlation analysis, and radio technology for long-range operation. Metrotech.

Drain cleaning machine

The Electric Eel Model D-5 drain and sewer cleaner is a continuous cable drum machine used for cleaning 3-in. to 10-in. diameter lines up to 100 ft. Powered by a ½-hp capacitor-type motor, it runs a ¾-in.-diameter Tri-Max cable. Three sealed, heavy-duty ball bearings support the drum, and a thick-wall guide tube extends wear. The high-density polyethylene drum and belt guard will not rust or dent. The power feed and drum can be quickly removed, with the loading wheel built into the handle. Electric Eel Mfg. Co. Inc.

Backward-compatible gas detector

Unlike other digital communication methods, the new S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector is backward-compatible, allowing input generated by older devices with the installed base of instrumentation in use today. Because of the detector's multiple communication methods, users may perform gas checks or single-point calibrations through a magnetic interface, the popular HART communications protocol, or Modbus. HART permits several variables, parameters, device configuration, and device diagnostics to be transmitted digitally at the same time as the analog signal. The S4000TH also stores the maintenance event with date and time stamp for improved record keeping. The S4000TH is equipped with a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensor, which is unaffected by ammonia, hydrogen, alcohols, and other gases commonly present in plant environments. General Monitors.

Automatic dry-priming pump

The cast-iron JSC Series Solids Handling Enviroprime pump automatically dry-primes and reprimes, making it useful for sewage bypass pumping and stormwater handling. The system uses an air compressor to separate air from water as they move through the pump, preventing its debris from clogging and causing a shutdown. Designed for high flows up to 2,700 gal./minute and moderate heads to 195 ft., this end-suction centrifugal pump can handle solids up to 3 in. Thompson Pump.