BRUTUS HDPTO and HDPTO DLX - Commercial-grade features make the do-all BRUTUS the most versatile, cabable and comfortable utility vehicle for almost any job. BRUTUS is equipped with climate control, heat/defrost, 3-point safety belts and more.

New BRUTUS V-Blade - The V-Blade plow attachment with joystick-controlled attachment has 60-inch, straight-angled, “V” and scoop widths for working in tight areas. With fully-integrated controls the V-Blade is operated from the conditioned cab using a single-handed joystick and treadle peddle combination.

New Snow Chute Control Kit – An added attachment to the snow blower accessory, the chute control kit gives operators even more control from inside the cab to throw snow precisely where you want it to go.

All New Polaris GEM® el XD – GEM el XD delivers a new level of tough versatility to the low speed
vehicle market. Imagine what can be done indoors and out using a vehicle with more than 1400 pounds of payload, generous clearance and improved suspension. GEM el XD is a go anywhere, reliable workhorses that runs on sustainable, low-cost electric power. With ample cargo capacity and street-legal safety features, the Polaris GEM el XD delivers it all in a smooth stable ride.

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