New R5 dissolved air flotation unit pre-engineered, modular and skid-mounted with variable tank sizes, flow and recycle rates provides a customized, flexible, easy-to-install solution for smaller municipal and commercial water and wastewater treatment operations.

The new DAF unit supports projects requiring reduced lead time, and is ideal for pilot testing in applications including potable water, tertiary wastewater, industrial process water, and pretreatment to reverse osmosis/nanofiltration.

The main components are skid mounted with the DAF unit to minimize installation requirements, and are customizable with several options, including screw conveyor, standby pump and material of construction. Recycle flow rates can be set up to vary from 25 – 375 gpm, depending on system needs.

Dissolved air flotation is ideal in clarifying water and wastewater where the specific gravity of suspended solids or contaminants is close to, or less than 1.0 – such as oils, grease, algae, and other low-density solids. Applications include wastewater clarification, sludge thickening, product recovery, filter backwash recovery and algae removal.

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