Push spreader for all seasons
The manually powered TS-75 commerical-duty push spreader is ideal for spreading ice melt for winter applications, as well as seed and fertilizer in smaller applications. It features a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper with a capacity of 1.3 cu. ft. that is easy to load and maneuver. The Nylon axle and wheel bearings provide self-lubrication with outstanding wear and load carrying performance, and the 13-in-diamter pneumatic tires easily traverse rough, uneven terrain to minimize pushing effort for the operator. TurfEx, a div. of TrynEx International.

Easy handling on rough terrain
The FTX148-L is now available with a steel track undercarriage for durability on rough terrain. Single or triple grouser steel tracks allow operators to maneuver easily on slopes and slippery ground. Equipped with the BH85 Bull Hog Brush Cutter — for land clearing, site preparation, clearing rights of way, creating park trails, and vegetation management - the track carrier weighs 19,400 lb. Fecon Inc.

Real-time airborne scanner
Designed to mount in tight spaces on helicopters and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), the multiple-target-capacity VQ-480 outputs a highly accurate set of 3D coordinates, referred to as a point cloud, based on laser scan data and position and attitude data from the IMU/GPS. Riegl USA Inc.

Gravel paving that holds up
The EZ Roll Gravel Paver creates a more permeable surface because the geotextile on its lower surface keeps gravel from clogging. Its structure allows for installation on a clean stone base, reducing runoff by allowing stormwater to easily percolate directly into the ground. Its 1-in.-thick hexagonal cells form a flexible grid system supplied in a 600-sq.-ft. roll. The installation is designed to exceed H20 loading requirements established by the American Association of Safety Highway Traffic Officials. Requires a base of 4 to 6 in. of compacted sandy gravel or washed aggregate. NDS Inc.

Preserve the integrity of historic bridges
The Archtec bridge reinforcement system is a complete diagnostic design and installation service that uses advanced numerical modeling of a masonry arch bridge and simulation of the loading regime in order to specify a retrofitted reinforcing system. It also determines the load-carrying capacity of the bridge in its current condition. Crews reinforcing the bridge use sophisticated technology and drilling methods to strengthen it while maintaining its historical integrity. Cintec America Inc.

Waterproof field controller
Featuring a 55-key alphanumeric keyboard and eight-way directional joystick button, the IP-67-rated FC-2500 lets surveyors link data points to the photos it takes in a "Photo Notes" section. When used with the company's RS-1 radio module, spread-spectrum radio provides a cable-free connection to robotic instruments. Internal temperature monitors alert users to unexpected high temperatures to prevent overcharging the unit's two batteries. Comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. .

Peel-and-stick barrier reinforcement
Developed for the military, X-Flex strengthens structures against hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather. The fiber-reinforced polymer composite resists moisture, mold, and fungus; sticks to brick as well as concrete block; and performs as soon as it's installed. Two workers can retrofit a 10 x 10-ft. wall in minutes. Berry Plastics Corp.

Wireless transit program
Dispatchers can give drivers turn-by-turn directions now that Mentor Streets software incorporates the GeoBase geospatial platform and mapping solution from Telogis. Modules include in-vehicle mobile computing, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and automatic vehicle location (AVL), incident management, and schedule and route adherence. It can be used with existing in-vehicle peripherals and back-end software. Mentor Engineering Inc..

Provides remote access to building information
A radio modem option enables the company's JACE-2 and JACE-6 network controllers to communicate via cellular communications when Internet connectivity isn't available or practical. As part of the mechanism that physically connects the disparate network systems within a building, the modem allows the controllers to integrate with other system components via VPNs (virtual private networks) for system expansion by combining LAN/WAN connectivity with cellular connectivity. System integrators can quickly provide temporary monitoring and alarming services, monitor critical control strategies on a temporary basis, and instantly provide a controlled environment during construction before the LAN/WAN is installed. Tridium Inc.

Adjustable cleaning nozzle
The largest and most-powerful of the company's nozzles, the HydroSurge's adjustable nozzle plate and water jet inserts allow users to rotate the cleaning head 15 to 20 degrees and the propulsion mode 5 to 10 degrees. Stainless-steel construction resists corrosion. It's available in configurations of 6, 8, 10, or 12 water jets. Vactor Manufacturing..

Vehicle weight gauge
Prevent lift overloading and troubleshoot poor mileage and brake pad life with a scale that's installed directly on the lift and shows no weight when the vehicle has been properly lowered to the lift's mechanical safety locks. Available for the company's two-post lifts with 7,000- to 30,000-lb. capacities. Mohawk Lifts..

Vehicle tracking and performance data
This Web-based service uses various communication modes to ensure reliable reporting over a maximum coverage area. In addition to monitoring speed and location, the system's in-vehicle transponders accept inputs from a variety of equipment — including Dickey-John spreader controls, sensors for plow wings, glass bead pumps, liquid anti-icing pumps, light bars, and air and road temperature, as well as friction testing - and report performance data in real time. AmeriTrak Fleet Solutions LLC.

Tracked utility vehicle handles wet ground, snow operations
The 50-hp ST-50 rubber-tracked utility vehicle's 24 rubber idler wheels spread the machine's 4,562-lb. operating weight over the entire length and width of its tracks. As a result, it has only 2.38 lbs./sq. in. of ground pressure — half the ground pressure of a person on foot — so it can be used in soft or wet ground conditions. Plus, its suspended undercarriage provides the traction and flotation needed to go just about anywhere. The above pic shows the ST-50 with a snowblade attachment. ASV Inc.

Power recycling system
The hydraulic braking and propulsion system retrofits vehicles to capture energy from frequent braking and convert that energy to an auxiliary source of power, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. Other services include drive-cycle, asset-utilization, and return on investment analysis. Recaptured Energy Technologies.

Permeable stormwater grates
Permapave Curb Bioretention Systems are retrofitted into almost every existing curb. Stormwater is filtered through the system and then discharged into the substrate or directly into the adjoining stormwater collection pit. Cleaning the grates requires periodic replacement of filtration media and cleaning of the grate itself, which measures 2 in. long and 12 in. wide. Permapave Industries LLC..