Radar/messaging station

The speedALERT-SZ combines a radar speed display and speed-dependent messaging in one unit. The product offers a compact footprint and light weight; it can be mounted easily on a light post or telephone pole. The highly visible display shows characters 18 in. high, and it can be programmed quickly and simply through a PDA or PC. All Traffic Solutions. www.alltrafficsolutions.com.

Ultra-compact camera

The Slimline modular camera system lets you monitor traffic conditions, red-light violations, and vehicle speeds with a low-profile system. The pared-down size makes the equipment less conspicuous; therefore, it is less vulnerable to vandalism and better able to blend in with your streetscape's aesthetics. It can monitor up to six lanes of traffic at once. In addition, you can program it for remote system access, so that you can adjust, maintain, and transfer data. Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. www.redflex.com.

Non-intrusive pavement sensor

The thermo-Q sensor provides non-contact measurement, using infrared technology to detect pavement and road-surface temperature. The product offers a more affordable, convenient alternative to invasive sensors, which require lane closures. To use, mount on an existing road weather station or other structure that has a clear, unobstructed view of the pavement. The sensor is contained in a durable, weatherproof housing to guard against harsh elements and temperatures. Quixote Corp. www.quixotecorp.com.

Traffic analysis software

iANALYZE is a Windows-based program that lets you download, manage, analyze, and generate reports from traffic data. It accepts information collected by traffic counters, classifiers, weigh stations, and weigh-in-motion systems. The suite of reports includes FHWA's Traffic Management Guide standard reports. The product makes it easy to export data to Excel, Access, Word, and other applications for processing and presenting information. International Road Dynamics Inc. www.irdinc.com.

Solar arrowboards

Eclipse solar-powered arrowboards, available in 15- or 20-light configurations, are energy-efficient units that can run unattended for months at a time. The product uses LED lamps. The self-regulating solar panels (available in 50 W, 75 W, and 100 W versions) charge heavy-duty batteries to deliver quiet, dependable performance. Choose from trailer-mounted or retrofit configurations. Allmand Bros. Inc. www.allmand.com.

Removable reflective tape

Stamark wet-reflective removable tape provides a high degree of reflectivity under either wet or dry conditions. The reflective lenses in the product are encapsulated, ensuring good visibility even in extreme weather. The tape is suitable for use in work zones, emergency traffic configurations, or other applications. 3M. www.3m.com.

Radar feedback signs

SpeedCheck signs are equipped with a variety of features and options, including traffic data collection capabilities, event scheduling, AC power supply, and “slow down” messages. The products—suitable for use on residential streets, in school zones, and around construction sites—are permanent-mount units with highly visible displays. Information Display Co. www.informationdisplay.com.

Railroad crossing signal

The Automated Horn System improves safety for motorists and pedestrians at grade crossings; at the same time, it dramatically reduces the amount of noise pollution from train horns in corridors running through populated areas. The stationary horn is activated by the crossing's warning system. Railroad Controls Ltd. www.railroadcontrols.com.