Mobile weather monitoring

MxVision Weather Sentry Mobile enables users to receive forecasts, radar, and other weather-related information on a cell phone. Public works professionals can monitor changing severe weather from the field, so that they can quickly assess condition and respond with snow-plows, deploy personnel, or mobilize other resources accordingly. Users can receive data for up to 10 days out, and access local or state radar, which is updated every five minutes. Meteorlogix LLC.

Snow response management

Snow Commander is a storm management system with controls for every aspect of snow-removal procedures. The product provides map-based monitoring of snow removal and road treatment activities in real time, using global positioning system (GPS) vehicle tracking. Features include real-time and post-job reporting, tracking material usage, monitoring of personnel and equipment costs, and tracking contractor costs. Location Technologies Inc.

FEMA reporting module

The company offers a Federal Emergency Management Agency reporting module free to cities and counties declared a disaster area after hurricanes, severe storms, flooding, or other incidents. The product is designed to help agencies keep accurate records of costs associated with clearing debris, opening roads, replacing signs, rebuilding bridges, or other rehabilitation efforts, so that they can provide FEMA with the documentation necessary for reimbursement. It tracks labor, equipment, and material costs and relates those to various infrastructure assets. Tutorials and phone support are available. CitiTech Systems Inc.

Integrated weather tracking

STORM Beacon is a standalone display that gives users a single source for weather data, saving them the trouble of searching the Internet or other sources to obtain accurate, up-to-date information. The high-resolution product delivers real-time, localized weather analysis and Doppler radar, with the capability to access images with street-level detail. It enables public works professionals to observe movement of impending storms, pinpoint arrival times, and deploy the appropriate resources efficiently. Surface Systems Inc.

Snowplow management

EnterInfo provides real-time vehicle locating and tracking for snowplow management. It integrates geographic information system and global positioning system technology to create maps and reports to monitor and estimate plow and salting operations. Data are transmitted automatically from vehicles in the field, requiring no intervention by the driver. Operators can search by vehicle, route, zone, and street to track plow progress. Managers can deploy resources and monitor performance to optimize response. Enterprise Information Solutions Inc.

PC-based storm monitoring

Threat Net Plus lets users look at high-resolution radar images, track storms, and communicate with field personnel to respond to severe weather conditions. The radar display is updated every 2½ minutes. The storm tracking feature can provide manual and automatic estimated times for storm arrival. The optional City Streets database delivers detailed, extensive roadway information for selected counties in its mapping display. It provides estimated rainfall totals and snow depths. Baron Services.

Versatile snow bucket

The SnowBucket can connect quickly to a variety of machines, from small backhoe loaders and skidsteers to large front-end loaders. The design increases snow removal production and reduces cycle time with a single continuous dumping motion. The high sidewall plates allow for a larger volume of snow removed in each pass. In addition, its rubber cutting edge minimizes road surface damage. Other features include wear shoes, a quick-connect attachment, and optional folding side plates. The tool comes in widths of 6 to 30 feet. Efficiency Production.

Intersection traffic monitoring

MicroTally helps users count the flow of cars, trucks, pedestrians, and bicycles as they pass through an intersection. The unit-about the size of a calculator-features an intuitive layout that mirrors the possible traffic routes through an intersection, making easy for operators to enter data. The WinTally Windows-based software processes the information from the module so users can view data or download to reports for sharing., division of R&R Technologies Inc.

Self-dumping hoppers

These heavy-duty, self-dumping hoppers, designed for use on forklifts, are made of ¼- and 3/16-inch steel plate to withstand rugged jobs. The units are ideal for removing broken-up concrete, plaster, brick, and other construction debris. The hoppers, which come in a range of sizes, include a number of standard safety features: A safety lock prevents hoppers from inadvertently dumping when traveling over rough terrain, a rope release lets operators release the latch safely from the ground or from the operator's seat, and the safety chain and grab hook secure each hopper to the forklift to ensure they will not slide off the forks when traveling or dumping. Star Industries.

Mobile software

PointSync 2.0 for Windows CE.NET is a complete system for building and deploying advanced applications on mobile devices. It enables organizations with or without in-house programmers to quickly and easily create customized mobile applications for field data collection, bar code reading, and radio-frequency identification. It offers tighter security, smaller footprint, and reduced power needs compared to similar products. Users can rapidly develop mobile database applications that run on both Pocket PC and Windows CE.NET devices. The product is designed for use in a range of industries, including public works, environmental engineering, facilities management, field service, logistics, heavy construction, and inventory control. Mobile Data Force.