Treatment-plant-friendly grease liquefier

Ten gallons of non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-acidic, and non-caustic Jet Power II treat 1,000 feet of sewer pipe after dilution in any standard jet-spray truck. Crews inject the solution upstream of the affected pipe, wait 10 to 15 minutes, set PSI and reel speed to maximum levels, and then spray. (For best results, the company recommends using a rotating nozzle.) The liquid grease washes downstream and won't re-coagulate. Duke's Root Control Inc.

Keep dog feces out of stormwater

The newest iteration of Dogipot's pet station is plastic instead of aluminum to lower the "pollution solution's" price. The product line also includes biodegradable bags, bag dispensers, and signs; the company claims customers receive orders within three days. Dogipot

Hinged manhole unit enhances safety, security

Designed with a safety catch at 90 degrees, a patent-pending hinge allows crews to open covers to 120 degrees, where the cover can be removed. The hinge feature can be incorporated into current local standards. An "MPIC" pickslot eliminates surface water inflow (like a closed pick hole) while providing a solid point of contact (like a pick bar), and accepts virtually any removal tool. Cam lock eliminates loose fasteners. Exceeds AASHTO M306 and M105 standards. East Jordan Iron Works

Root and weed control system

Dotted with the non-systemic herbicide trifluralin, BioBarrier keeps tree roots from infiltrating pipes, sidewalks, levees, curbs, swimming pools, parking lots, swimming pools, and foundations for up to 15 years without harming the tree. It also kills weeds for up to 10 years without harming surrounding shrubs. Because the system uses standard drainage fabric, water, air, and nutrients reach the trees and plants the community wants. Barrier does not extend beyond the edge of the fabric. Fiberweb

Lean, green mulching machines

Contractors report savings of $2,000/day using low-ground-pressure, high-speed equipment that cuts trees, stumps, and underbrush to the ground without digging into soil, eliminating erosion and saving the feeder roots of "keeper" trees. While the 600 hp GT-60 pictured here is available only by special order, the company offers a range of equipment that's immediately available, as well as cutter heads, a captive track system, and a fixed-tooth planar head. Gyro-Trac USA Inc.

Wide-cut turf trimmers

The all-wheel-drive, diesel 3500 and 3700 mowers offer cutting decks of 60 and 72 inches in side- and rear-deck discharge configurations. In addition to a mulch kit, accessories include snow blower, rotary broom, front blade debris blower, hard cab, and quick-attach system. Side-discharge decks rotate up to 90 degrees with PTO shaft remaining connected for easier maintenance. Operators can remain hydrated during the summer months thanks to the machine's single cup holder. Hustler Turf

Portable microwave traffic counter/classifier

The 17-pound TMS-SA records and stores the date, hour, speed, and length of up to 1 million vehicles, and operates for 500 hours on a single charge of its 6V lead battery. The unit's Doppler radar automatically adjusts to the direction of traffic moving from 6 to 158 mph. Users set up and download data via Bluetooth wireless technology. IP67 enclosure. International Road Dynamics Inc.

95-gallon roll-out carts

A one-piece, molded-in handle and built-in foot tilter provide a strong gripping area and easy maneuverability. A reinforced top lip adds strength and rigidity, as do the molded-in lift points. Shipped with lids attached so that only wheels need to be snapped on upon delivery. Also available in 20- , 35- , and 65-gallon capacities. Rehrig Pacific

Easy set-up vehicle lift

Each Mach 4 column has a rated capacity of 18,000 pounds and can raise a vehicle 69 inches in 78 seconds. Powered by two deep-cycle marine batteries and equipped with an onboard waterproof charger, the columns can be used in wash bays as well as outside the shop. Because the columns connect using three, rather than four, cables, technicians drive in and out of the bay area without disconnecting and reconnecting cables. Each column is identical, so a single technician can control the entire lift from any column. Options include an LED lighting system for hands-free lighting under the vehicle. Rotary Lift.