The City of West Hollywood, Calif., is beautifying its public spaces through its Art on the Outside program, via its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission. Taking place July 2014 through June 2015, the program engages local artists to place art in parks, along roadways, and in other locales to be enjoyed by the populace.

The program’s latest installation is “Illumetric,” consisting of dramatic, large-scale geometric shapes that radiate bright colors. The pieces are created by Shana Mabari, a Los Angeles artist whose work focuses on the interaction of art, science, and technology.

“As an artist, I cultivate visual stimuli by engaging information through the retina, outward to the physical world. Scientists reverse that process of human cognition, collecting such information through the retina inward, assessing how it directly affects brain activity,” she says. “I want to bridge that gap, and create beautiful and seamless experiential interpretations of our surroundings.”

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